Our brains need natural sugars in the form of glucose to function properly,” explains Heartland Wellness Director, Eric Mueller. Eric recommends getting your sugar through whole food like fruits. He says, “Most honey is processed. You want to stay away from artificial sweeteners like Stevia because they are much sweeter than natural sources and the jury is still out on long-term effects from eating manufactured sugar.” Eric chooses to eat organic fruits, like an apple each day. He tries to eat fruit before noon so that his body has time to use and burn the sugar throughout the day. “When we eat sweets closer to bedtime, even fruits, the sugar won’t be used up and that’s when we end up with a “dad bod,” Eric chuckles. Fruits also contain other beneficial vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

To bust the myth that fruit has too much sugar, Eric reminds us to eat fruits early in the day and as with most foods, eat in moderation.

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