If your plan includes spouse and/or dependent coverage, dependents over age 18 and your spouse may create their own Member XG account. In order for the plan member to view dependent information on a spouse or dependent (over age 18), the Fund MUST have a HIPAA privacy authorization on file – if you need this form, download one from the Member XG page on the Heartland website, email us at admin@ufcwbenefitplan.com or call 800.433.1204 to request one.

If you are having trouble opening your Member XG account, please watch the video and then give us a call at 800.433.1204. Remember, you must have 2 browser windows open–one with your email account and the other with Member XG. You will receive an email from Member XG with an Access Code, but you CANNOT close the Member XG page while you go to your email account to get the Access Code. If you close the Member XG before you put in the Access Code, you will have to start over.

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