Focus on the Pages

“Scrap booking is my release from stress. When I go downstairs to our scrap booking room, I simply disappear–I can’t hear the phone or footsteps–I relax and focus on the pages,” shared Ann Rudd. For the past 16 years, Ann and her best friend of 30 years, Cindi, have scrap booked as a fun activity that can be done at home.

Ann explained, “Cindi is about 10 years older than I am, so her children are older than mine. When Zachary (now age 18) was born, we needed to come up with an activity we could do together while Zach was little. Scrap booking allowed Zach to play quietly or nap while we put together our memories.”

Scrap BookingOver the years, Ann has assembled 30 scrap books and has three in progress. The majority of her books are chronological family events and include photographs, souvenirs, ribbons, news clippings and keepsakes. When her oldest son, Anthony (now age 28), was in high school, she put together a scrap book for each year of high school, and is now doing the same for Zach focusing on band this year.

“I think the best part of scrap booking is that there is no right or wrong way to do it. As long as you have the right tools, you can create whatever you want. I tend to put as many pictures as possible on a page, but I have a friend who will only put one photo per page with embellishments. You can be imaginative and do what you prefer,” she said.

Every year, Ann and 20 girlfriends gather at a hotel in Beavercreek for a weekend of non-stop scrap booking. They share ideas and memories as they talk and laugh the weekend away.

Ann’s favorite scrap book page was for Zach. “When Zach was four-years-old, he was afraid of the Dragon’s baseball mascot, Heater. At a game, Heater’s handler came up to me and told me to get my camera ready. Then all of sudden, Heater scooped Zach up in his arms. The look of surprise on Zach’s face as I took the photograph was priceless. I designed the page around that picture with a baseball diamond and embellished it with Dragon’s souvenirs and memories from the game,” Ann recalled.

Over the years, Ann has designed many pages including birthday cakes and Thomas the Train. She and Cindi have collected papers, punches, stamps, die cuts and more creating their very own scrap book mecca located in Ann’s home. It’s a hobby they’ll continue to share as they focus on the pages.

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