DeltaDentalThe Fund’s dental benefit is administered by Delta Dental of Ohio. To find out what dental benefits are payable by your plan, be sure to check your Schedule of Benefits Insert.

If you want to find out more detail about your coverage and costs, please call the Fund office at 800.433.1204.

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Explanation of Benefits

Solve the Mystery of the EOB

The dentist may have relieved your toothache, but does reading your Explanation of Benefits (EOB) statement give you a headache? Now you can read easy with the help of Max Ryan, a no-nonsense detective determined to understand his dental EOB in our “Solve the Mystery of the EOB” video.

Detective Ryan and his confidential source will walk you through your EOB, and help to define terms such as Contract Dentist Savings and Maximum Approved Fee, and explain why it’s important to stay in network.

“Solving the Mystery of the EOB” is part of the “Benefit from Your Benefits” video series, exploring topics that invite individuals, dentists, companies and anyone interested in dental benefits and oral health to better understand their benefits.


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