To find out if your provider is a member of the Anthem network, you can do one of the following options listed below:

Option 1

Contact your provider’s office and ask if they accept Anthem Blue Access PPO. If not, go to option 2.

Option 2

Go online to

Select the “Find a Doctor” button (on the right hand side of the page under Member Login). (see image below)

Once you select the “Find a Doctor” button, follow the numbered instructions in order.

  •  Number 1 asks you to select “What are you looking for” (eg. Doctor, dentist, hospital, etc.). Choose the one you want.
  •  Number 2 asks you to enter the name of the provider (i.e. doctor, dentist, hospital, etc.). If you don’t know it then skip it and move to Number 3.
  • Number 3 asks you to enter the city, state, or zip of the area in which you want to find a doctor (or other provider). You also have the option of selecting the amount of distance around that particular area for a broader search.
  • Number 4 asks what insurance plan you would like to use. The only two plans, depending on the State you are in*, is Anthem Blue Access PPO -or- National PPO (BlueCard PPO).

There are three options in this section.

The first option will either ask you to login (which you can do on the top right hand side of the screen). If you have not yet registered on the site to get a login, there is a “Register Now” option under the login.

OR you can type in the first 3 letters of your “Member ID”. The first 3 letters on your Medical ID Card should read “UWE”. (The Medical ID Card is received from Heartland Health & Wellness Fund, your health insurance fund. If you do not yet have your Medical ID Card, please call us at 1-800-433-1204).

The second option requires you to fill in the following,

o   Under State enter: whichever state you are in currently

o   Under Plan Type/Network enter: PPO

o   Under Plan Name enter:  Blue Access (PPO)* -or- National PPO (BlueCard PPO)

*Blue Access (PPO) is your plan if you are in 1 of the 9 Anthem States (IN, OH, KY, VA,GA,MO, WI, ME, NH, CT, CO and NV). **National PPO (BlueCard PPO) is your plan if you are currently in the NON-Anthemn states (see Above for Anthem States).

You DO NOT need to select the final option “I want to search all plans” because you only have coverage under one of these:Blue Access PPO -or- National PPO (BlueCard PPO).

Then click on the “Search” button and your results will appear on the next screen.

Option 3

Call 1-800-810-BLUE (2583) Listen to the menu and select the option to get help finding a provider. Remember to have your Medical ID Card on hand in order to provide the representative on the phone with your UWE number. You can ask them either to help you find a doctor or a hospital.

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